LGBTQ+ Listening Forum Reaches Few Los Altos Hills Ears Last Week

Adjectives included “multilingual,” “well-educated” and “creative.”

How could the county become more inclusive of the LGBTQ community? Offer “employee sensitivity training,” “informational booths” and “pronoun pins” that indicate what the wearer would prefer to be called.

Karen Smith, librarian with the Los Altos Library, presented her group’s findings.

“The more authority figures that proactively, outspokenly talk and communicate approval, acceptance, normalcy and safety, the better,” she said.

Employees of the County of Santa Clara Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Affairs organized the Oct. 15 forum as part of an eight-city tour to engage local residents. They plan to present their findings from the brainstorming sessions to city officials and perhaps start a task force.




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