For many, working to create inclusive and supportive systems for the LGBTQ community starts with understanding the complex and diverse needs and experiences of LGBTQ people. The office of LGBTQ Affairs supports communities in shifting social climate through training and educational workshop experiences. Our training specialists draw upon best practices in LGBTQ cultural humility training and a firm grounding in theories of teaching and learning. We root our training and consultative approach in restorative practice, where we honor the personal arch of learning, the many professional applications of content, and a deep understanding of pathways for liberation.

In addition, our office serves as a convener of resources that includes open source materials, training professionals, and expert consultants all centered on LGBTQ content and knowledge. The Office of LGBTQ Affairs is here to ensure that you can fulfill your commitment to creating inclusive and supportive systems through learning. Whether we can provide you with direct training, refer you to community-based resources, introduce you to field experts, or offer an array of resources, we are here to bolster your endeavors towards creating inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ community.


Educational Offerings:


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