Customized Consultation

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Often, when preparing to make rapid adjustments to a community culture there can be a sense of urgency to initiate change, especially​ as it relates to addressing the needs of underserved identities. While we applaud this sense of urgency, we also recognize that learning new, and sometimes challenging, information can be a difficult and personal process. Additionally, each professional community has its own unique needs and problems that require acute focus and specialized attention. In order to meet these needs, we offer a consultative process designed to integrate relationship building, community feedback, and personal reflection into the learning exchange. In this way, your collective will serve as both the teacher and learner through the duration of your consultation. Our goal is that this consultative process results in lasting, sustainable change that is embedded into your culture and integrated into your systems, thereby affecting meaningful change in your community.

Advanced Training

​Has your workgroup previously participated in a SOGIE 101 Workshop provided by our office or an equivalent training body? Are you seeking more advanced training as it applies to your specialized line of work? If you answered yes, our team can work with you to identify your needs and create a learning experience that integrates best practices in your field and draws upon expertise and resources into the creation of your training.

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