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The Office of LGBTQ Affairs is committed to increasing the number of people practicing LGBTQ + cultural humility. We achieve this goal through a two-pronged approach:

First, we design specialized training and consulting efforts for internal County departments and offices housed within The County of Santa Clara. This approach helps to increase the volume of government entities and individuals who are trained in working with the LGBTQ+ Community.

Our second approach is to provide professional development for community leaders to serve as facilitators and consultants throughout the county. We then connect these individuals, as well as other professional trainers, with non-government organizations and service providers seeking training and consultation regarding LGBTQ+ equity.

As an office, we are committed to supporting your community by connecting you with resources and educational experiences that will help you meet your goals. In order to do this, we need to learn a little more about your organization/community and what it is you are seeking. By completing the request for training form​, we can garner this information and offer a pathway we believe will work for you.​


Educational Offerings:

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Online Module: Building a More Inclusive Workspace
In partnership with Kognito, a conversation simulation company, we designed an interactive learning module focused on LGBTQ inclusivity in the workplace. This 30-minute module is open to County employees, contract agencies, and service providers and is focused on creating a safe and supportive County work environment for LGBTQ individuals.


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This training will teach participants the language and definitions that are utilized when referencing sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Participants will explore various terms that apply to identity and consider how these concepts impact their own lives and the people with whom they interact. Various learning activities will be utilized to help apply language in real life situations and to support participants in properly implementing this language. Lastly, participants will leave with an appreciation for and clear understanding of how they can play a role in supporting members of the LGBTQ+ community.


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Implicit Bias: LGBTQ
As humans, we have developed a keen ability to organize surrounding information into categories. This skill has historically helped us determine friend from foe and ​safety from danger, yet today our brain unconsciously applies this skill to people whose identities are different from our own. In this workshop we will work to understand the nature of implicit bias and examine when our implicit biases may be at play and train our brains to notice when they are arising. Lastly, we will explore potential tactics for dismantling harmful narratives that are a result of implicit bias and how we apply this to both our personal and professional lives.


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